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Home Inspections
Standard Insurance Inspections
4-Point Inspections
Wind Mitigation
Roof Inspections
  1. Home Inspections
    My home inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the interior and exterior of your home. The non-invasive inspection based on observations of the visible and accessible areas of the structure, its system and components.
  2. Standard Insurance Inspections
    In order to provide financing and/or discounts, many lenders and insurers require property owners to obtain certain types of inspections. We offer the following types: 4-Point Inspections: to determine the age and condition of the roof coverings, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems Wind Mitigation: to determine the presence of storm-mitigation devices; and Roof Inspections: to determine the condition, type age and remaining life of your home’s roof.
  1. State Licensed and Certified Inspector
    • Certified General Contractor (CGC03692 & CGC1516528) • Certified Underground Utility Contractor (CUC1224962)